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Magnolia Brightening and Firming Nurturing Cream - Naruko

Magnolia Brightening and Firming Nurturing Cream - Naruko

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Quick Overview

Naruko Magnolia Brightening And Firming Nurturing Cream is designed for mature skin and it is an all-round anti-aging skin cream. It help your skin against the problem of oxidant and sallow, and you can regain the white and young skin. The formula contains a variety of hydrating ingredients, all of these provide water for skin and make your skin moisture and smooth. At the same time, it repair damaged skin, and your skin shows the feeling of smooth and supple.

Magnolia Brightening and Firming Nurturing Cream - Naruko

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  • Magnolia Brightening and Firming Nurturing Cream - Naruko


Frozen years, reverse muscle age, anti-glycation, oxidation, resistance (to improve) sallow = comprehensive anti-aging! Moisture, moist, white, compact, protective, call into the ultimate magic of color, as long as the bottle, re-living their youth like the white color porcelain muscle!

Main Ingredients

* Phytoferulin ®: Chuan Lin extracted from the raw ingredients, combined with 10 kinds of organic certification by the French ECOCERT concentrated plant extracts ingredients to provide skin and protects skin against external environmental damage and strengthen skin, skin from the inside out to restore the original vitality.
* Magnolia Floral: 1 kg of Magnolia pure dew, the flowers need to be fractionated to obtain 5 kg. Exclusive use of the Magnolia Hydrosol (flower water), from Taiwan to use no pesticides, no artificial growth hormone fresh Magnolia flowers are planted, the use of multiple warp density fractionation technique PFA (Planifolia, a non-solvent extraction method), distillation and separation, to ensure that the precious essence of magnolia completely sealed, have good whitening, moisturizing effect.
* Magnolia Flower Oil: Magnolia oil extraction, increased with enhanced skin protection, the effect of simultaneous repair damaged skin.
* Magnolia flower wax: rich in flavonoids and essential oil for the skin with moisturizing, revitalizing, anti-oxidation and maintenance effects.
* Fungus Extract: also known as white fungus, is rich in proteoglycan and body moisturizing factor, hyaluronic acid with the moisture capacity of packet times for the natural plant moisture days, can help create a transparent skin supple to the touch, providing long-lasting moisture.
* Plantain extract complexes.
* Composite vegetable oil microcapsules: use of liposome technology covered vegetable oils, can help the skin moisturizing and long play good penetration absorption, improve fine lines and make skin rich and flexible.
King Solomon
* Oil: rich in fatty acids of vegetable oils, can provide the skin soft and smooth, with improved fine lines, long-lasting moisturizing effect.
* Three peptides: synergistic role of skin collagen, helping skin firmness, keeping skin smooth and elastic contact, delaying the aging generation.
* Arbutin: improve skin resistance, and inhibit melanin tyrosinase enzyme activity, effectively blocking the inhibition of melanin production, while desalination has.
* Vitamin B5.
* CH protect water film: from the skin cholesterol derivatives, can lock in the skin surface to form protective film of water, moisture, and moisturizing ingredients that will not be lost.
* Tranexamic acid: whitening ingredients to improve the muddy effect.
* Magnolia bark extract.
* Lemon oil: rich in rich in vitamin C, particularly useful in whitening, skin conditioning oil and other maintenance. At the same time with a fresh breath of fresh citrus.
Sooner or later in the skin after cleansing and basic maintenance, picks up the right amount evenly on the face and neck, and a little massage to help absorption. Special care for the dull, fine lines, they may use local reinforcement.

Apply skin
In dry skin, especially recommended for mature skin appear dry, sallow, fine lines and other aging skin types.

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